In a pond, the fishes aren’t just the living things that thrive in it. There are many other living organisms that make it their home. Your fishes as well as the plants and algae in your pond feed on different living organisms that is found in the water too. These organisms as well as your plants and fishes all need to have oxygen in the water. This is the reason why aeration is needed in order to make sure that the water has the proper amount of oxygen needed by the different organisms that live in it. If you still don’t have an aeration system, better get one for your pond now.

Usually, aerated ponds will make use of a compressor in order to give oxygen to the water through diffused aeration. This can be done through the use of a waterfall or kasco fountains. These provide oxygen in the water by providing a large agitated surface area in which the exchange or transfer of gasses can occur.

Water Aeration

When air is added into something, it is called aeration. In this case, air is added into water and when this happens there are many benefits that occurs. One of them is being able to have an even distribution of the temperature in the body of water. Through the presence of oxygen, the other natural components that fall into the pond would also naturally decompose.

Benefits Of Water Aeration

When water in your pond is aerated through different products like fountains, there is a higher chance for your fishes to survive. The fishes will be more comfortable and safe with the aerated water than stagnant water. The plants are also more likely to survive with the presence of air in the water. The temperature of the water can also be maintained even through the help of the aeration process. In times when it is very cold, the heat can be evenly distributed through the use of the aeration system. Through the movement of the water, the warm water can be mixed with the cold water to make the temperature more even.

Another benefit that you can get from aerated water is the speed up in the rate of the decomposing material in it. Organic matter such as leaves and other debris can make the water dirty and murky but when they are decomposed quickly, you can expect the water to clear up again. The process of decomposition would be sped up in the presence of oxygen to help make sure that you have clearer water and a cleaner pond.

The water aeration process also makes your water move constantly. This prevents the presence of stagnant water where a lot of insects, such as the mosquitoes, breed. The ripples made in the water through the aeration system will help prevent the mosquitoes from laying down their eggs. Now, you don’t have to worry about making a home for these insects because you can prevent them if you make sure that your water is continuously moving through your aeration system.