“If a picture paints a thousand words,” then surely the tampering we usually do on pictures using Adobe Photoshop have already erased and denied us some of the thousand words associated with a picture, for with the help of Photoshop, the details and intricacies of a picture can be tampered on and enhanced, denying us the pleasure of beholding these details. Yet, that is life, we are so used to enhancing our images to a point that sometimes we mistook the enhanced image for truth and fail to see behind the trappings of that enhanced images. Well, in a way, I am speaking in a bit philosophical way here when I say that the truth lies behind the trappings of enhancement. For nowadays, it is very difficult to distinguish what is real in a picture and what is enhanced, and for this reason, most of us nowadays approach and appraise a picture with reservation and doubt. Thanks to Photoshop, we got more things to be incredulous of and more and more things to doubt.

Photoshop has been already around for almost three decades, and many of us were able to trick a lot of people and make them believe in a casual lie relative to our image using Photoshop, and since there are many of us who hide in the shadow of enhanced photos, many of us still shell out some hard-earned money to avail of the Photoshop software. The reason for this is that there is no competitive software to even challenge Photoshop, and hence, the owner of Photoshop is reaping enough profit from its patrons. I would have wanted to have top Free Photoshop, for surely, the developer of this software had already gotten and profited more than a thousand times from his investment on this kind of software; yet, still we could say that business is business, and hence, as long as there are still many people who utilize Photoshop, the price tag of Photoshop will still remain high.

Good enough there is an alternative now to Photoshop in the form of the GIMP which had already seen some innovations in forms such as that of GIMPshop. Nowadays, we already got an option: we can either download Photoshop for an exorbitant fee or download GIMPshop for free. Well, if I were a person who values what I earn and who is not a spendthrift one, I would certainly make use of GIMPshop for it is free instead of shelling out some of my hard-earned dollars on software that I would seldom use such as that of the Photoshop. Logic and reason tells me that given a choice, I would certainly opt for the more economical option, for I am just like the many out there who are not privileged enough with a silver spoon on my mouth when I was born to spend more on software that I am not really going to use frequently. If I were only an occasional user of photo editing software, I would certainly opt for the GIMPshop which is, to a certain degree, almost capable of what Photoshop can do. GIMPshop has already been here for more than 9 years, and it seems that more and more people are shifting to its use.