One of the more popular online games today is Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Kim is a name that has become famous through reality TV and now everybody seems to want to see her, be her or at least pretend to be her and this has led her to become a character in many games, including online games. Online gaming is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and today, most people will play at least one online game at some time or other in their lifetimes. One of the factors that has led to the popularity of this form of gamin is that it is often free and as well as that it is easily accessible through PCs, laptops and a seemingly never ending number of hand held devices. The games are easy to learn but are often not so easy to complete, getting harder with each progressive level which is reached. This means that people can easily start a game but get frustrated when they have problems finishing it. Although ever since any game was played, cheating has taken place, with online gaming that cheating has taken on a whole new level. Some of the cheats on online games are called hacks and as soon as a new game is released, someone will be trying to learn the hacks. Once learned, these hacks are often placed on websites for all gamers to see and a site which has posted a easy Contest of champions hack has become popular itself because of it.

Many people that play online games will look for cheats because they come to a point in the game where they can advance no further with their own skills but some will cheat only in order to finish the game quicker, so that they can move onto the next new game to be released. Whatever the reason though, cheating on online games has become itself very popular, so popular in fact that some times the game’s producers publish the cheats themselves, cutting out the need for middle men which are in fact hackers. All the online games are exciting to play and often almost addictive and to cheat to reach the end would sometimes seem pointless as you will miss much of the excitement a game can offer but, with so many games available today, the sooner you finish one, the sooner you can start a new one and experience the excitement that that one can offer.

Cheating and online gaming seem to go hand in hand today and if that is what the players want, then so be it but, if they get so used to cheating that it becomes common place or them, they may want to start cheating in other aspects of their lives and that would be far less acceptable. Imagine if this new generation that have been bought up with online gaming as pa major part of their life, consider cheating when they take part in more traditional games or even sports.