There are a lot of changes how we used technology over the past years. In fact, if you will compare what we used to have, technology allowed us to enjoy different things cheaper. For instance, 1gig of memory 20 years back would be so expensive. To think that a lot of technology that we have today is durable and compact, this is certainly not the case years back.

History of USB

Our standard USB device is a game changer for a lot of technologies that we currently have. Let’s look at the history of USBs to understand what it has brought us. The concept of the USB or universal serial bus is a standardized interface that you could plug and play without having to shut down the device.

USB Implementers Forum was the very first company to ever introduce the USBs in our modern world. USB Implementers Forum is a non-profit organization with the goal of improving the technology sector. The first version of the USB has been seen in 1994 and was later changed in 1998. It was in the year 2000 when the 480 mbps USB2.0 was out in the market. Today, there are many portable devices that can operate on a USB. This allows low power requirements to operate as it could also charge once it attaches to a plug or a computer.

Benefits of the USB Devices

There are many benefits to a USB device. In fact, it has been known that USB devices can reduce the bulk of things that we have. For instance, do you even realize how many movies can one hard drive store these days? That would mean stacks of DVDs if you are going to look at it.

Also, another benefit of USB devices is that you can easily set it up on a computer. There are devices which already have their own drivers within the system wherein there is no need for a separate disc. The computer automatically installs the drive that you could use.

There is also the technology of micro usb. What is micro USB? A micro USB is a smaller type of USB that is commonly found on cell phones. With this technology, it has allowed users to enjoy pocket sized phone designs which are also implemented in different mobile devices. Since it is half as thick as the regular USB sockets, you can have a very thin device which could then be connected to the PC or laptop for charging or for storing information.

There are different technologies today that are now compact thanks to the aid of USB and micro USB devices. If not for these technologies, people will still be carrying bulk items such as CDs that would install the drivers. What the USB technology did is to provide an alternative for different scenarios. And lastly, powering the USB devices can be easy. As long as you have the low cost cable, you can already get your own connection and have the device charged, transfer information, not to mention it is something small and compact.