Don’t you just hate it when your calls get dropped? You’re not alone, there are many who have their calls dropped too. It is one major problem that people with cellphones experience. Although cellphone companies are doing something about it, like building more towers to get more areas covered, the problem is still present.

This problem can go away when you purchase Cell Phone Booster. This helps boost the signal in areas where there is poor signal. This can be installed at home, in offices or in commercial buildings. There are lots of boosters out there and it can be confusing to find the one that is right for you so let us help you find the cellphone booster for your needs.

Why Do I Have Poor Cell Phone Signal

Before we solve any problem, you should first know the cause of the problem. Having poor cell phone signal is mainly caused by two reasons. The first one is your distance from the nearest cell tower and the second one is the obstructions that might be present in between you and the cell tower.

The Distance

Cell towers are being created and added to different areas so that they can make sure that most areas are covered. They have strategically placed these towers so that wherever you go, you will still have strong signal. Your cell phone is programmed to automatically connect to the nearest cell tower of your network. When you are far from the tower, the signal also weakens until you reach an area where the signal can’t reach you anymore. This is where you won’t be able to make calls. Dropped calls happen when the signal is weak or isn’t present.

The Obstructions

The cell signal passes through air easily but when it comes to solid objects, it can be quite tricky. Interference such as these will cause you to have fluctuations in your signal. Obstructions can be in the form of mountains, hills, trees, as well as buildings, concrete and other metals. Window tint and other radiant barriers can also cause you to have a poor cell reception.

When both of these reasons combine, it can cause you to have a headache because of how poor your signal is. A cell phone signal booster can be used to deal with this problem and here is how.

Phone Signal Booster

This is also known as your cell phone repeaters and they were specifically created to help out with this problem. They make use of the weak outside signal and let it pass through the obstructions so that you can have a stronger signal inside the home.

It is like an antenna that is usually placed on the roof. The signal that it receives will go through a cable and an amplifier and broadcast into the building. In this way, a stronger signal can be felt inside your home. There is no more need for you to go out of the house just to make a call or to make sure that you don’t get your call dropped again.