As hard water in a house can be irritating to the skin and hair and also make clothes that are washed in it brittle, leading to them not lasting as long as they otherwise may, many people opt to have water softening systems installed in their homes or perhaps install smaller systems themselves. As there are many brands of water softeners available to buy, it is usually best to view best water softener brands on some of the many reviews that appear on the internet before deciding which one to buy. According to many reviews there are perhaps four brand names that stand out as being of particularly good quality and so perhaps one of their systems should be checked out first. These four brands are Fleck, Waterboss, Morton and Aquasana. Although each of these brands is known for their quality of product, they are different and offer different types of systems which may appeal to different people for different reasons. Fleck has been producing water softening systems for over 50 years and their experience allows them to lead the field in many aspects of water softening and so it is hardly surprizing that their systems are well accepted by many of the reviewers. Waterboss also has many years’ experience in producing water softening systems and so is well known around the world. Morton, as the largest producer of various salts in the United States, is better known for its salt but also produces some quality salt based water softeners, some of which have received good reviews. Aquasana is a brand which always has the protection of the environment in mind when developing their water softening systems and other products and so as their systems are both efficient and eco-friendly, many people opt to buy those. No one should buy a particular system just because it was made by one particular manufacturer though, they should always check out the pros and cons of many of the different systems but they may at least check out a particular brand’s first. The differences in the different systems that should be looked for are how much water does the system treat? Some systems are designed to soften all the water that a house uses whilst others, usually ones that soften the water as needed, are only intended for use on certain outlets. Some systems that are salt based; may leave traces of salt in water that is intended to drink whilst other systems may remove all minerals including some that may be beneficial to health. Another consideration should be as to whether the system needs to be professionally installed or can it be installed DIY style. Finally of course, there is the cost of the system to be considered as some may cost as much as over $2000 whilst others can be as cheap as less than $200. Although many people may have their own preferences in which one they buy, most will agree that getting any one is better than not getting one at all.